A Place Where People Hung Weights

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Author jslimb
Tags action author:jslimb playable unrated weight
Created 2010-01-26
Last Modified 2010-01-26
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Fun map, I think. It's easy.

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Sub-1000 AGD:
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I rate 5 maps which i really enjoyed. I enjoyed while playing this, so it's flawless for me. I'm not expecting too much thing from that flash game, i'm looking for just funny moments, and this map provides it to me.

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its flowy, simple, i LOVE the titleset, you know - i wont give it a 5. i will give it a 4. you see, 5= flawless. 4=very good. this is not flawless, it is very good, but not flawless. truly flawless maps get featured. this is not featured. this is my style of map!!! :) 4aved.


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