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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags abstract action aild author:radiumfalcon ded featured hard rated
Created 2010-01-27
Last Modified 2010-01-27
by 29 people.
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Description whew. i spent about 2 hours on this beast. it feels so RF to me which makes me really happy. i think you guys will love or hate this one. Dedicated to furry_ant for being a good friend.

rate and comment.


took toasters advice and added a laser

This map was featured on 2011-01-07

What do I love about RadiumFalcon?

Many things... But most of all his definitive style. Here especially; RF creates once again a classic fusion of both open space in tiles and claustrophobic gameplay that will keep your fingers on the edge of their keys. The drone placement is perfect, along with the mines that are cruel in punishment for one wrong step.

Style as a concept often is an illusion for many authors, but RadiumFalcon is the real thing.


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more tedious

than difficult actually



Hey man

Yeah really pissed off about that - read my comments on Blackson's current featured map to see what happened.

i wish i could do something like this..
and the tiles are absolutely beautiful
totaly faved

grats on feature!!


Just a few unnecessary objects.

I like it when maps I've already favorited are featured ;)




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I was feeling for a rf map, and I decided to play this one cause nobody beat it :D great map!
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I sent you rahi tilez <3<<3<3<<<3<threee

yeah for sure

just get on #riot

This is me reminding you about our collab ;)


its wort its time


oh :|

get on gmail

we need to talk


go to hell.

add me to your collaboration list D:

gmail plz


I also would like to collab with you again. For my mappack. <3

Mediocre demo.

We should totally collab sometime.
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I can't get a decent demo at the moment, but I really like this map. It breaks away from what you usually churn out, yet it keeps all of the iconic characteristics local to your maps. Those one ways were absloutely fantastic. I really enjoyed going over the top of them. Fave'd.

Thanks man <3

I really like this.

By the way, I have some absolutely fan/fucking/tastic news which you have probably heard already but may not have done.

Keep reading.

Just a little bit more.




oh /fuck/ it's wednesday. i'm gonna leave now.

rereading that comment i swear to god i must be drunk, but it's thursday.

if you would just stick to one theme through your map (and don't say your theme is radium-y jumbelness), they would look really great. like this here bottom left was a step in the right direction. it even merged well with the more blocky tiles in the rest of the map. but the objects came at you like a rabid coyote, and ruined the whole mesh.

i did not actually play the map, mind you.
thank you very much :)
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I didn't realize I spent so long playing it
but I didn't like this at all. The laser was a major pain the ass, the timing on the drones seemed way off and the glitch through the one-way as an intended part of the game play is a little lame. You've made much better maps.

And to answer your question: yes; actively, no


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