♫♪♫ This Blues Aint Gonna Last (Map 500)

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags 500th author:evil_bob featured image-map nreality puzzle rated teleporters
Created 2010-01-28
Last Modified 2010-01-28
by 67 people.
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WOOOOO! MY 500th Map! Also an Image Map! (Works without Nreality but I strongly suggest the image for full enjoyment)

This took a bit of time to create and test. Teleporters should all work (99.9% of the time.) It's easy enough, just a bit of a maze. I'll post a demo in a couple days but someone will figure it out. It's hard to die anyway.

This map was featured on 2011-06-04

Hey, remember back to when NReality was the greatest thing since walljumps? I do. There was a seemingly infinite amount of ways one could modify a map, from new enemies to vividly colored tilesets. Evil_Bob’s 500th map employs the latter. He has created what might just be the pinnacle of NReality maps by constructing a world outside the funky physics and teleporters, a world just for you. He’s given you a motive, means, and imagination, so it’s up to you to use them to their full extent. So go on now, don’t be pusillanimous, because this blues aint gonna last. — Life247

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Oh cool a feature

As for this map I really don't like it either. I have much better nreality maps that are overlooked this one just got buzz because of lots of teleporters and a nuts image. the concept wasn't that fun and there were major issues in my execution. At the time I put too much time into it to not post it.


I found this

thoroughly unenjoyable. :\
we must always playest, even if the map is capable of giving you money (somehow) you should stop, and playtest it, don't judge a book by it's cover. the image is confusing as hell, the teleporters where enjoyable, but this isn't much of puzzle, is much of guessing where to go with trial and error. 3/5. didn't enjoy it at all


Demo Data
Demo Data

If Life247 were not featuring maps this week, there wouldn't be any featured maps this week. You may feel free to pick between the two options.

No offense...

(I just read that and realized it sounded kinda dickish)

...I did like the map, but that's how things really are, though.
- "Oh, it's your 500th map. 5/5"

- "Oh, a featured map. 5/5"

- "Oh, an image map that doesn't look like acr made it. 5/5"

So thank you all who actually play maps on NUMA. <3
- Sincerely, Me

it's all good

The next 5 days are mine. >:D
I agree with 179. I also wish someone besides life247 would be featuring maps, I havn't enjoyed the last couple of features and I'm hoping for something different.


3 frames faster speedrun
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seeing it, at least. I was too intimidated by all the blue to play it.

Demo Data

I REMEMBER THIS! :P even though i didn't comment in the first place ;)
anyway great map, even though it at first place seemed pretty random :P
for the review i didn't like it, except for the first line xD



Seneschal I agree sorta. I made a couple mistakes in the image I'm still kicking myself for.

The amount of work

put into this is apparent, and that's impressive. However I found the map itself to be extremely un-enjoyable.

37 hours...
thats freaking

Obligatory "That's what she said" joke @rhekatou

As far as the map goes, I actually agree with 179: I couldn't really muster up much enthusiasm to try and finish it because I kept stumbling around without knowing where to go and what to do. The shading felt kind random, as well. I really don't think this is one of your best, but I guess I'm in the minority here.
Gratz on 500, anyway.

This is /still/ up?


Naw that's just a thwump glitch. Nothing new.


Seems that often image-maps either rely on the image to make the map good, or have an okay map with an image that ruins it.
with this, you took a fun puzzle and added an image that enhanced the gameplay. I applaud you.

happy 500th

This is blue.

I see blue.

Congrats for 500!

Nice puzzle with nice design.. 5/5, faved

But really

this is just wow. I keep coming back for more, and the image only improves this. Faved.

wow... great map

sooooo confusing though XD

congrats on the 500 5/5


you sure made the most of your 500th.


Major glitch...


you've achieved the impossible; you've captured the essence of a generation and a culture in a map. transcen5aved.
the blues will /always/ last. :(


playing this without Nreality is just as confusing :D

But yea

there are flaws, Im sure youre aware of that Evil_Bob.
The only one I could find, so you musta done an awesome job. Just not enough to be flawsome. 4.5/5
Demo Data

Not one single problem with a tele, playing sans nreality. Damn fun. You rock.

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