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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading fun gold rated script
Created 2010-01-29
Last Modified 2010-01-29
by 13 people.
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Description This is definately my best map yet. I took the idea from script's map. It was meant to be playtested by furry but Im not sure if he did or not because I didnt get a note back. PLEASE RCE THIS MAP!!!

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Edit: here []
I'm still around, but I mostly speedrun and play the actual game - after loosing my .sol-file twice I want to beat this goddamn game so bad >.<...
Oh, and I got the motivation to start a mappack :]... I think it'll have 50 maps or something like that, but it could take maybe 2 months till it gets finished...

nice map

like it 4

Thanks man.

I don't seek ratings. I seek constructive comments to help
me improve my map progress. Don't give me a 5 on one map because of a 2 on another. I'm really not bothered by those ratings at all. Just building up my mapping skills to hopefully release a mappack later on, and I hope you'd like to help. :D

Then just take away the last part, eg


just leave the place were the foreground would be.

Um here's how it goes,

that should do it.

lol, mines n0_ma11y ;_;

sorry for getting back to you late, but yes I do have an photobucket acc.
I will watch you for a while.
I like episodes because you have an order in your maps.
All my favorite authors make episodes because I want to know fast which maps are new.
Don't get me wrong... I play maps without numbers in the titles too but not often.

I hope this answer your question. Maybe I'd understood you wrong. XD

This is hard.

As you can see, all my favorite authors make episodes.^^"

ohh... kay

g2g now


I see were both heading near to our 100th's...

I just never seem to run into your maps anymore...
What time is it where you live? It's 9:45pm here, I'm not usually on at this time
in any way. except the tiles, which are similar to some of the tiles in Eris. i really don't care if you keep it listed. and a collab /might/ work. you would have to start though. and i reserve the right to let you finish any map we may start.


good agree tho a lot like eris
but the gameplay is much harder and completely different. rockets and a bunch of mines :D
the gameplay was somewhat fun but too generic. 2/5

Also, too similar to Eris [] in my opinion.

Sorry, I went out before you posted on my map and just came back in. I see my gold in there :)