Very Simple Challenge 4

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Author aerodynamic
Tags author:aerodynamic beatable hard-ish playable simple unrated
Created 2010-01-30
Last Modified 2010-01-30
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Description I can't hear ya! I say, wha- what's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!

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I haven't made a map in a while. Working on one at the moment, though.

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That I know for sure


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I do go for aesthetics on my proper maps, but just not these little things that people will only play for, like, a maximum of 5-10 minutes. I also have different tastes with what looks nice. For example, see my two maps Heckled en route to the guillotine and Quasi-Heavenly in the other maps? The heaven one is pretty, but I like the look of the guillotine one, too. I wouldn't call either ugly, and I think I like the guillotine look better just because it's more original and, well, my style. C'mon, ZTHING, you know I strive for different :P

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I hate to say it, but presentation is everything on numa. I made some aesthetic edits. It doesn't affect the gameplay at all, so no demo's would be broken. Just an idea: []

i did it

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I don't really worry about aesthetics with these maps. In fact, I'm surprised I even added those "supports." But thanks, Z&WBC.


This cool. I just wish you had cleaned up the aesthetics a tad.
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...ines, iowa?

This one isn't that hard, really. It's probably been done before, too.
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