Cloud Prisoner

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Author romaniac
Tags action author:romaniac door-eerie nreality prisoner rated
Created 2010-01-30
Last Modified 2010-01-30
by 8 people.
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Description Nreality needed.
This map is many things. Firstly it's a door-eerie prisoner map. It also has greedy drones to create a highscore challenge. It is also very confusing to pick which way the drones will go the first time you play this.

If you are playing in debug mode, then simply press J before loading. If you wish to play thorough the Nreality userlevels, then load the preloader [], to clear the glitch tiles. This will make the map more haphazard and fun.


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i posted

your DED :D hope you enjoy!

Thanks, I got it to work now. Apparently I didn't record the demo though.

It doesn't work for me.
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Holy sh** that was freackin' awsome!

that's complex.


You actually have to load the preloader as a map first, not just have it appear in the userlevels, otherwise N will take the initial background demo as some of the tiles to be used (I used '-' tiles).
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