Don't Spill Your Coffee

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob nreality puzzle rated
Created 2010-01-30
Last Modified 2010-01-30
by 13 people.
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In fact- it is impossible without. It's a puzzle. All gold is visible from start.

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ill try gimp, my photoshop demo expired already.

Dude I need help

how do you add a foreground to NReality? Everytime I do the items and ninja gets blocked and shit.

I felt

this was really well executed. It wasn't really much a puzzle as just figuring out which of the top two switches to get first. Apart from that, I also liked how the map opened up and changed, and there were parts that you were all like, ah, so that's what that's for. The gauss was really clever, because no matter where you were collecting that gold, it always seemed to find you. Well cool map.
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I love tile drone maps




I love this so much, where were you a long time ago?


amazing. i loved how it kept changing and how you opened up routes. favedd
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if you've never seen one before, and you just made this off the top of your head, then it's very good. i just thought you've seen others and you 'copied' it.




Can you link me? I've just never seen one before :O I bet there are some but I've never encountered one.

Near AGD

I like it. Not as good as your last map, but that was quite a map.
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quite easy

but a lot of fun :)

pretty poor

i've seen this done many many times, and this map doesn't really stand out.

3 :/

I keep dieing


A Solution for AGD

(There could be more - I dunno)
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