fire and ice

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading gold medium mines rated
Created 2010-01-31
Last Modified 2010-01-31
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description If anyone would like to help me make a background and change the colour of the ninja I would be greatful thanks. ded to bufar

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but also somewhat fun.

The gameplay was very good, although the Gauss seemed effectless and out of place. Consistent gold and mine patterns are always good, too.

A large 4 :)
decennt map overall

Once you've made your seperate background image and foreground image, save them on your computer as PNG pictures. Go to an image uploading site like photobucket or tinypic or imageshack and upload the respective images.

Hmm, I've never encountered that problem before, so I don't exactly know how to fix it. Try ignoring it an see how it turns out. That's all the help I can offer for now. :\


I'm not in your favorite authors list. D:

You can stalk me.

Or I can give you the url when it's done. ;D

Ned = N Editor

I don't know about the other problem you're having though.

And here's another map for your pack []

nice map.. :D

i very like the rocket luncher in the middle :D

yeah... []
this fits better to the title, i think
and here you could lern how to use the mods
forum []
fitting back- and foregrounds []

and a colourconverter... here []

oh and a
# at the end of course...

i could help you
the form is like here:

$MapName#Author#Genre#Tiledata|Objectdata|Background|Foreground||Player and Object Mods