Suiside Season

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Author Kaylab
Tags author:kaylab unrated
Created 2010-02-01
Last Modified 2010-02-01
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Map Data

Description Count Your Blessings
|Pray for Plagues - Bring Me The Horizon|

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We stare at broken clocks... the hands don't turn anymore...
So much better than Suicide Season. <3


i like the flow in this. it's smooth, but not linear. the rocket and gauss work in perfect harmony, and the tiles look great.
fun map.


i forgot to mention, u use paint bucket on the tiles, or like i did, u use magic wand on them and then use gradient. credit to bluepretzel coz my first comment is pretty much wat he told me

ok. look at this map here []. look for zthings explains pretty much all you need to know, but when u paste the image into what i use), u have to move the image up so the bottom and the top are fitted perfectly in with the canvas. when zthings comment says to magic wand wand on the tiles, im pretty sure you hold shift and click and do wat it says. half of this probs doesn't make sense, just have a look and i hope u understand