Caster Emerald

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Author DW40
Tags action author:dw40 featured palemoon rated retile
Created 2010-02-03
Last Modified 2010-02-03
by 22 people.
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Description Retile of PALEMOON's A Gigantic Cassete Balanced On A Steeple [].
My first #retile sesh.

This map was featured on 2010-05-17

We had a different retile on the homepage a while back, and this goes to show how diverse they can be. Onesevennine stated "Retiles are not fine-tuned for you like many action maps are", and that couldn't be more true. What was once a PALEMOON map - we all know how amazing they are - DW40 has turned into a completely different kettle of fish.

Sometimes you feel trapped, others you couldn't be more free, but does that really matter? It's a retile! — ChrisE

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I quite like the atmosphere the tiles give this map.
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Not so interesting as a standalone map. I found it to be on the boring side as such. Too many long, winding routes through barren (but oh so pretty) tiles. 3/5
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Getting up to the exit was a pain though.

slow AGD

I totally avoided that drone
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congrats :]


This map is so annoying! :D But it's still good ;P


I loved the floorguard and the exit area. Cool retile and congratulations on feature! 4aved.

it's allright.

I like it up to the exit switch, the bottom was by far the most inspired part.





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I haven't played many, but this is the best retile I've played. I had good fun.

um ok 179

here's $30 go buy some candy.
I have never been a fan of drones in walls, but I will admit it's utilized here fairly well. The floorguard was awesome, but I didn't find most of this map to be engaging.


on the quote from me and on the concept of featuring retiles

come on now

pretty cool map, bro
gratz on the feature. I keep coming back to Outer DX, it's always there when I need some N'ing



Fun retile, but my least favorite chris review so far.
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Bout time

DW40 got a feature.

Not my best review

but meh. I love the map.


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Cracker Jack [] is the map I made. ^____^

slow first try

fun 3.5/5^
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Nice Map!

5/5! :D

Speedrun (with a little gold):
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I don't think this is the intended route.
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