The Cheese Grater

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob cheese innovative playable race rated
Created 2005-11-21
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 46 people.
Map Data

Description Actualy to tell the truth this level has nothing whatso ever to do with a cheese grater except for the fact that it is in the title and there is a picture of one in the tile set...This is more of a test level than anything but I am putting it in race because that is the over all feel of the level. I know this has been discovered but I still felt like making a level out of it. I will post a demo so If you cannot figure it out you can look at it. Please rate and comment. Also go for speed demos.

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Completion Demo


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Just got to the lazer drone.
Demo Data

Faster demo

Also on NReality.
Demo Data

Fastest demo?

With still some room for improvement.
This is one of the coolest maps I've ever played. I just can't get enough of it, which led to me getting this demo. 5aved.
Demo Data

fun as hell

it was easy once i got the hang of it, though. sweet. props, evilbob


Demo Data


What in the world posessed you to do it with a cheese grater?


Great level. Really original. I liked the whole thing with the bouncing randomly but i realised what to do accidentally. I can see how it might be odd if you dont accidentally press jump as you sneeze.



3/5... I -hate- maps where you can't see what's going on. It takes away any skill that's required from completing a map and it might as well be a DDA.


because tehre is a cheese grater. i didnt really like the level lagged to much


because evil bob is the name of a cat in that game


No I don't... I don't really like mmorpgs that much

evil bob

do u play runescape?


no, im saying its a zero because its exactly the same as my run, A COMPLETE FAILURE!


very cool, but it is a bit random as to whether you find the jump pads or not... 4.5


You can actually save a ton of time by going faster than the thwump and geting to the bottom tons faster. I did not include it in my demo so other people could try for really fast runs...

User-friendly demo

For those who don't know what debug mode is, here's a demo that works normally in the replay data box.

And it's 2 frames faster, despite the fact that I couldn't cheat death. :D
Demo Data


Yeah...I oviosly think it is easy because I practactly have it memorized...I do think it is rather hard to play If you have no idea what is going on (Notae <cough>) but you basicaly ither jump at a dead end or get sucked through the floor...


Awesome man. I love nothing more than people pushing the boundaries. Good job.

A little confusing to play though. The concept rox my sox.


how do you get the jump pads to telliport?

No comprendo

I... so... don't understand. But cool.


Both your comments make me feel happy...
And seeing that I am so Evil It doesn't happen often unless I am tormenting some helpless little soul...
Just kidding but seriously thanks...


for making a fantastic map and having a fantastic name, evil_bob.

Heh heh heh... evil bob....


It's a shame that the submissions deadline for LM&RNI is over. This would have been one of the best.


WTF?!?!!? COOL!
You were going to give it a zero because the demo wasn't the same as your run? Never, EVER do that.

Jump at the end...

Of the hallway...
Thanks a lot for not rating it yet. I am pretty sure the demo works... Are you sure you did it right...?


I watched the demo and it did exactly what I did, he died and got forced through the wall by the zap drone, is this some kind of joke? I wont give it a rating because I still have no idea what's going on.


Actualy once I got the Idea it prabably only took me an hour or two...


Never seen anything like this amazing and mustof took ya long 5


Just so you know, once you win you can run around in the grater...


after looking at the demo and in editing mode meh


like the cheese grater. its so 3-D!!! ITS COOL! btw, 5/5 for the grater, 4/5 for level, 4.5


dont get it

The Demo.,..

Just in case you can't get it...
Demo Data