Submerged Dead

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Tags apt4 author:palemoon featured rated
Created 2010-02-05
Last Modified 2010-02-05
by 20 people.
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Description You've been down there a long time -- it's time to go back up to refill your air tanks.

This map was featured on 2010-04-26

Riobe's APT Competition produced some of the finest mapping NUMA has ever seen. While the themes were strange at times, some were easy to interpret, much like "Journey to the Top". Using his knowledge of catacombs and the dangers that lie within, PALEMOON has created an adventure you are likely never to forget.

As long as you reach the surface in the next two minutes. — ChrisE

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I liked was the bottom left side. The
And by god, I /am/ going to win it, Chris. >:D

I like the jumps in this.
Sorry for the inactivity, but I had a german exchange partner here. :P
why the hell is there not a Reviewer of the Year dronie category?

On another note, I am really enjoying ChrisE's reviews. ^^

I disagree. it's definitely different from his normal style, but it's on par on gameplay excellence.
IMO not up to palemoon's usual standard.

This had excellent gameplay mechanics, nevershine. And it wasn't nearly as hard as everyone went on about.


People are so over-critical on featured maps. Just because they are featured doesn't change the fact that they're still great maps. It's like every hates maps which get featured, in a way.

That's the impression i seem to get, anyway.

This map is still brilliant. I enjoyed it all over again ^^
but it somewhat lacked in good, gripping mechanics or gameplay elements which would make it feature-worthy, at least for me.


i really enjoyed it. the difficulty level did spike a bit but it didnt affect the gameplay for me in a negative way, and i love the look. very solid 4 from me :) nature are feature-worthy. I think the fact that it's made by him is more prestigious than a feature.

I remember it.

I wasn't on NUMA yet, but I played it. And loved it. 5aved. Amazing.


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and rocket_thumped

i agree with PALEMOON

The design is cool.

Kinda Krusch, nice. The play is really off for me. The difficulty spikes far too often, and it's more awkward than fun for me.

Prolly due to my lack of ninja ability, though, so no rate.


IIRC I was eliminated from Apt in Round 1 XD
and AGD too.

I preferred the launchpad version of this.
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looking back i would definitely scoot it back a little

Beautiful work

Yes - However! It's a bit hard for me :X


highscore run

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I hated the bottom floorgaurd.
A well deserved 5aved, my friend.
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is cool


i agree with destiny, this really is fantastic. the 5tile/etile style gives a cool digital feel, and it is like being underground in a lab or something. nicely crafted so that usually tricky jumps can be pulled off pretty easily.


Really, really fun. This is one of my all time favorites from you. I really love the atmosphere of the map, I felt like I was in some abandoned underground laboratory or somesuch. Really, really cool. 5aved.
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nice map

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Or until Riobe judges.