Jumping Drones

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n drones ibanrace no-jump puzzle race rated
Created 2010-02-06
Last Modified 2010-07-25
by 24 people.
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Description Are not allowed.

A no jump race. The race has several parts that have a break in the flow: mainly a short section to slow down in. However I'm classifying it as a race because you have to beat the drones, pausing will not make it possible to finish.

It's also a puzzle because some parts of the flow need some problem solving to get it right.


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properly cool

i saw you write how you tried to fix it, but i still can't count that as an excuse for getting killed when you go too fast. ugh, but it's still just so cool XD 4aved.
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You are welcome :D

this is ridiculous.

It's an insane mix of race-puzzle-action-concept thrown into a blender without putting the top back on and putting it on maximum speed. In other words, I like it :D

not a fan. was good :)

not that great

not very interesting, to long aswell

& yeah

I'm not too happy with the small hesitations required at a few points either. I really tried to make them disappear, but it wasn't working how I wanted it.

sweet a completion!

here's my agd. Thanks for your comments Gnothergnu =D
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yay :D

it took me a while cos i kept going too fast
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so close!!

this is by far the best no-jump race i've ever played. the drones were incredible and the number of ways you found for moving the ninja around was amazing. its a shame a couple of the drones were a bit too easy to beat, but i really enjoyed this.
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iban ;) is 3/5 a good rating for a first?

stupid sniper

came back!!! Im sorry anti-snipe 5



flow was meh

but there were some pretty cool things going on.
anti snipe 5.

would usually rate a 4 or something
because there is no reason this map should have such a low rating.


someone hardcore sniped you man. people are fucked up.
forgive the language but i've seen you get this a few times and im tired of it as well. now i will probably be targeted but whatever.



i was in the middle of making a no-jump race but my computer decided to turn itself off



simply amazing...