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Author Seneschal
Tags action apt4 author:seneschal contesque terpsichore unrated
Created 2010-02-06
Last Modified 2013-01-17
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description For Apt.

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edited again

this time for contesque.

slight edit

changed a few mine positions.

Here's a new agd (old one is broken).
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Man, I'm not sure I can finish all them blur sigs. I have so much coursework to do and it just takes too much time. I'm really sorry man :(

Beautiful map, bro.

congrats on your 50th!

oh by the way, I'm doing the rest of the blur sigs this weekend. :3

man, this is fantastic. favourite author'd. <3

these tiles are pretty :S faved for later!

A g D

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