Space Raid (Raid IV)

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Author Natai
Tags author:natai battleship gravity nreality raid space unrated
Created 2010-02-06
Last Modified 2010-04-04
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Map Data

Description As you manage to escape your ship, you notice an entire fleet of ships, in a cloud around one huge spaceship.

Being a ninja, you decide to investigate.

Don't forget about space grav...



Fourth in the Battleship Raid [] series

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But like I said, ask n0_ma11y for help with the gravity. Or did you already do that?
If you dont understand what I mean, then here is an examplE of area gravity-mod. n0_ma11y made it for me:


And the rockets should be slower. Something like this:


A rocket's average speed is about 3.51 (just so you know)
But yeah, keep working on it. Anything that isnt clear, just ask me again :)


Thanks, bluepretzel

I'll get right on it.
1. The image is fine, you just have to know how to use it.
2. The rockets are too fast. Mod them a bit to slow them down, and perhaps change the launcers colour to grey.
3. It might be possible to make the gravity normal inside the spaceship -- ask n0_ma11y, hes awesom with that type of thing.
4. Overall, have another look at the old BattleShip maps you made and read the comments explaining why they were so good. Try to keep that same old theme going, cos thats what got me hooked the first time I saw it.

Please take this advice, I would totally love it if you remade this map, Please?? /o_o\

seriously, tal to n0_ma11y, he made an area-gravity map for me :o

Black rockets on a black background is not a good idea.