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Author ufripip
Tags author:ufripip fun hard puzzle unrated
Created 2010-02-07
Last Modified 2010-02-07
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description A hard simple challenge. You have 133 frames to beat this map. 134 frames: you are dead. Please submit your replay data, especially if you beat it in 132 frames!

It's possible, I playtested it.

Have fun!

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Demo Data

ahem, Rozer, and this was non fbf, check Nreality.
Demo Data


just a bit
Demo Data

my first try...
Demo Data

I got 124 on Nreality :D


map are you talking about?


I tried this glitch out with the gauss before. I didn't really enjoy even what I could come up with. although yours is slightly better than what I did (mine was rather linear ----> instead of loopy like this).

Demo Data


congrats for 130 frames!!How the hell did you do this!


Demo Data


i did it in 132 frames, too!
Demo Data

133 exactly

Demo Data

dont no

what it is maybe a glitch or summit or my comp is playing tricks on me. I loved this map 5aved
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