Versipellis Level 1:

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator jumper-ish series unrated ver wbc
Created 2010-02-08
Last Modified 2011-08-13
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Description My hair bristled. It had been awhile since I had that shadow-ed feeling. Some monster lurked in the cave nextdoor. I knew this because for the last three days I couldn't sleep, its groans had carried through the walls which separated us.

There was a scuffle sound from the hole which lead up to the surface, and a piece of paper came fluttering down. I smiled.

I carefully picked up the note, making sure not to tear it in half like the last one. My massive right hand held it whilst I read:

Cyrus, I have found reason for calling you back to humanity.
While I know that you dispise us, there has been activity and I
am asking for your help. I know also that you cannot deny my
request because of what you are. Come and contact me at the
Your Keeper, Thiess

I crushed the note. I sincerly hope that this time it would not be a hoax. The last time he had called me out I found no entrance, nor any demons.

Another groan echoed through my cave. Well then... If I have to come and assist him. Then I will kill that annoying creature next door as well.

This is the begining of my new series! The plot is based off of a trial in 1692 in Jurgenburg, Livonia. The account of an 80 year old man. Please rate, comment, and post demos. THANKS :)

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5/5 I loved this. :)


speed. Could be better. :)
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Very nice

I already want more!!

So close!
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I really like the aestetics of this one.
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