Growth Stars

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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ conen free growth scarf unrated
Created 2010-02-09
Last Modified 2010-02-09
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Those oppressors tryna keep you down! Grow! Be free! Grow and by a free bird my boy!!

Demo Scoring System :
Gold : 2 Points per piece
Bonus Points : 8 points for top "Scarf Tunnel" , 12 points for optional lower "Scarf Tunnel"

I'll let you guys guess what the "Scarf Tunnels" are.


I want Demos people!!

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I've been really busy :\
you crazy girl!

i do too

and that only adds to the awesome factor

oh oh a penguin

I see a penguin I see and penguin

oh also look

:o []
specificaly for this map only, i mat continue thisa scoring thing in some of my future maps. basically thats how I will look at demos that are posted for this map.

i don't understand

scoring system?