Sulfur Vents

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Author Technochocolate
Tags action author:technochocolate collaboration playable rated sulfur
Created 2010-02-10
Last Modified 2010-02-10
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Collaboration between me and AVATAR_FANATIC []

Sulfur Vents has a tileset that looks like such, and a fun, flexible gameplay. It features my tiles and non-linear open style, but with the precise object placement of AVATAR_FANATIC (plus he added drones, and I'm never good with drones). Then we fine-tuned and compromised, and it turned out great.

A few paths are available here. The most obvious split involves the narrow shortcut at the top, which can be used both ways.

Have fun!

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Agree with iban

Very glad that you made use of this! We should DEFINITELY do a collab. And...AVATAR? Epic stuff, kid, great work!

you have a distinct

characteristic that you apply to maps & I like it =D

A very good map

although its not really my taste; but I wont stop you.

like the title.

apart from that, pretty much agree with apse.

the flow was uneven and difficult to find. it looked reasonable in the thumb, but up front it was pretty ordinary, in both aesthetics and gameplay. it needs more action. at the moment, it's dull and not exciting at all to be honest.
AWESOME! Then I played it and thought... AWESOME! 4/5