(I'm the) Light Collector

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru ded experimental gold playable rated sun
Created 2010-02-10
Last Modified 2010-02-11
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description don't burn your fingers. dedicated to Road_rage.

fastest AGD (currently): swipenet

EDIT: left mine fixed

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Was making a sun map and searched the tag for the heck of it, this map has clean aesthetic and fun simple concept.
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I got a sexy last jump.
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This is cool!

5aved! Brought the rating a 5/5.


"Now that's what I call roundhousing!"

Wow, my first demo, although it was only done 7 months ago, feels so.. old.
Aah, memories.
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Supaeasy, but the point of this map is just a bit fun, right?

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maybe maxed, but i don't really think so.
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nice map.
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but playtest whut?
hmm i also dont know whats up with shadowkangaroo
maybe he needs break
or he hasnt any idears currently...


tis ok :)

have a

completion demo
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that piece of gold

was the biggest shitfuck ever. sorry for the swearing.
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sorry man

i dont speak german XP

I predict you said to have a look at this map?

cool map

ngd attempt
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I think the fastest agd goes to Swipenet, I couldn't beat him.
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btw, new message has arrived on forums

the last mine isn'T loading cause the # is eccentric ...


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339 AGD

Guess I'll leave it at that. Still improvable, I think. 5aved
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Faster AGD

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fun and good concept.
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Nice speedrun map^^
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200 frames

new route... can't get it any faster
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