Versipellis Level 3:

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator medium series unrated ver wbc
Created 2010-02-11
Last Modified 2010-02-11
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Description I waited... I knew the stupid human who followed the devil and his teachings would return to the house... They always do.

It was reaching early night when I heard someone fumbling with the door. I silently ascended the ladder into the upper floor and quietly starred down as the door opened and in stepped a young man... A sorcerer.

As if suddenly aware of my presence (I guess he smelled me) he looked up. Instict took ahold of me and I lept down from the attic and pinned him to the ground using my massive weight. His eye lid twitched as I bared my teeth and growlled at him.

"So you are the one who opened the portal below," If he didn't say something I would probably loose my patients and throw him against the wall hard enough to shatter every bone in his body.

"Versipellis-" He croaked out. My eyes narrowed at his rather stupid observation.

What else stands over nine feet tall, weighs almost half a ton. and can yet still move like lightning I thought. "Yes, I am." I said sarcasticly. "Now... I am going to kill you and I don't want to see you casting your filthy black magic AGAIN!"

Picking him up by his head I prepared to throw him against the wall like I had previously considered. His cries for mercy, however, got the better of me. And instead I set him down. He began thanking me but his groveling was interupted when I tore off both his arms and broke his legs.

I then turned to leave. The Human settlement was just over the cliff, and I need to contanct Thiess quickly.

Level 3 of the planned 12. Please rate, comment, and post demos. THANKS :)

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a rather cheep way of getting placed. And actually I never pay attention to it, since most people can't pull it off.


also, I can scale the cliffside, although not all together in a sequence

It's probably also cheatable using this method. I failed, but it still applies...
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Amazingly fun level

and that end part was awesome - i didnt even know that glitch with the exit switch and the close tiles :D
quite literally a 4/5
omfg u insulted Queen Elizabeth :o :0 :O

will play map now...
I think I might fix that...

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derp :V
Demo Data