112-1: Heart Heart Heart

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy heart kk love playable rated
Created 2010-02-11
Last Modified 2010-02-11
by 7 people.
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Description Love Love Love

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Faster AGD

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decenter demo
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Demo Data


I enjoyed the lack on enemies. Really, I did.

good call, I do like it slightly more without that mmine
and the tiles are very nice too
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Nice ^_^

Smooth gameplay, Great mines placement + nice tiles. 4/5
near the inside top of the heart

decent demo

I really liked this, the mines were well placed and the jumps were very fun.
I didn't like the mines one the 2 and 3 tiles because of how when you go fast, you blow up even though you just hit the tile, but that isn't your fault.
Demo Data

great thumb.

faved for later.