Cathedral no 2 - Silence Please!

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Author brainstone
Tags adventure author:brainstone church discover featured jumper rated
Created 2010-02-11
Last Modified 2010-10-03
by 17 people.
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Description I am deeply sorry because this map is unbeatable (see comment). Click here [click here].

This map was featured on 2010-10-02

I know of nobody else who tells a story with every map that he makes. His mappack (check it out!) is a novel. His maps are the chapters.

Cathedral no 2 is no exception. Clambering through the dusty halls to locate treasures of ages, while the visitors kneel in pews waiting for their prayers to be answered.

You may not be a god, but the silence may kill you. — ChrisE

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How do I play these maps or test them and what shall I do when I cant get the Ned opened???
Please someone help me!!!

I could only get to the exit switch. );

"i have to deem this map worthless" made me laugh


Iike this.
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just looking...

...makes me feel uncomfortable...

not my favorite by brainstone, but I love his imaginative mapping in general. you should check out his map pack, it's great fun.
I just think it's a fun map to try and grab the gold - and a perfect example of the style of maps you are really good at...

Sorry everyone. :(
When I made this map, I did a final edit and put those two normal doors to make the chandeliers look more realistic. I didn`t notice it. It wouldn`t have mattered at all if this map wasn`t featured. But it was and I`m sorry. For everyone who is still interested in playing a beatable map []!

That glitch at the end is a shame. I thought the map was alright until then.
I only played it through twice, but can't figure out how to get from the exit switch to the exit.

For that reason I'd have to deem this map worthless... But I won't bother rating unless I'm proved wrong.


My bad, I didn't get it the first time. You're right, this is impossible.
here's a demo showing that there is no way back up. All gameplay aside, featuring a map that ends up not being beatable seems kinda silly, unless brainstone accidentally messed it up in his recent edit :/
Demo Data

blackson, your demo didn't confirm anything. try to win from where you left off, that's as far as I could get too.

Aero, this

map is certainly beatable. Look at my death demo.
If the only way to the finish after you get the key is by using the trapdoor to push yourself up through the one-ways... you can't, because the trapdoor over normal door glitch means that you go right through it and there's no way up... Neither of the demos showed a solution past this... Is there a hidden exit somewhere?

Multiple ninjas is an underused device that I always thought had a lot of potential.


nah this maps not my type. i really can undestand this map


this is my first try and I think I did really good. Pretty pissed about where you put that gold though. Ruined a fun run.
Demo Data

AGD-1 Death

Horrible demo. I`ll show you a better one if you wait a little. Oh, and I forgot to thank you for the feature, ChrisE
Demo Data


I don't like this.

It also lags a lot... for me.

I updated it

to make it a little lessdifficult. But it`s still hard like Jusus` balls.

Weird map.

You must be a reallly slow mapper.