Spoonfeed = Longest Reverse Alphabetical Word

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Author aerodynamic
Tags author:aerodynamic fun hard playable race thwumps unrated
Created 2010-02-12
Last Modified 2010-02-12
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Description The beginning of this map is irresponsibly hard. But it's also my favorite part. The rest of the map is kind of you just running through tunnels, but it's still pretty fun, I think. But I don't think you'll like this map. I finished it ages ago but hadn't submitted it because I felt I needed to change something to get others to like it. But I enjoy it enough so that's good enough for me. Still, I might make a map that builds further upon what I've done with the beginning of this map.
Also, I haven't made I map I really like in a while (the last one being Heckled en route to the guillotine [] which I like a lot despite the so-so reception) and I like this one quite a bit so I'm happy to be posting it.
Ded to thereisaspoon []
Wow, I just realized it's "There is a spoon" instead of "The Reisa Spoon" which I thought it was. Wow.

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the begining was EASY once I figured out it has nothing to do with the thwumps.
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the reisa spoon i kinda like it :P thanks for the ded :D kinda abstract but i like it. and i like the tiles on the right side. :D


...with a slight slip-up:
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