Quickswitch! Zaptastic Remix

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Author blue_tetris
Tags action author:blue_tetris playable rated
Created 2005-11-22
by 15 people.
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Description Enjoy this drone-based Quickswitch! map.

Post some demos.

Complain that I didn't have the time to come up with a trailer-like summary.

This map is dedicated to LittleViking001.

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Almost got one. 4/5
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they're all like the same...whatever, I understand
And they're not all dedications. Just a few. I just wanted to dedicate them to certain folks.

1 more

And you got 100!
Good for you, I submitted my 50th last night! I really like these Quickswitches, but I don't know the story behind them, like, why are they all dedications, and why are there 50billion of them?
Just a quick question, that's all ;)