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Author Seneschal
Tags author:seneschal mapdraft1 ptg titled unrated
Created 2010-02-13
Last Modified 2010-02-13
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description For Mapdraft:

Kill The Prolific
1 'Five' Tile
1 'One Tile
60 'E' Tiles BUT For every 100 maps you have posted on NUMA subtract 20
Tiles from this total.

To Make Your Day Even Worse...
1 Mine
1 Gold
1 'One' Tile
1 'Two' Tile

Going Home In A Body Bag
2 Rocket Launchers
1 Chain Gun Drone
1 Locked Door
2 mines
7 Gold

Paint The Town Grey
You gain 25 additional E tiles to place in your map.

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i didn't notice it :D


Perfect use of 25 E-tiles! 4/5.

You've had to tag your map "mapdraft", not "mapdraft1". Write it on the mapdraft topic in forum, or pm judges in case of being not noticed.
Demo Data

good work, considering the conditions/material you were allowed to use. 3.

Demo Data

Slow AGD
Demo Data

Faster A g D

With a cool corner jump :D
Demo Data

a G d

Demo Data