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Author Seneschal
Tags action administrong author:seneschal map7 rated team7
Created 2010-02-13
Last Modified 2010-02-13
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Administrong, Map #7

Team Members: Aphex_n, Destiny, Why_Me, Seneschal, Guy_Zap and our team captain SeventhSpirit/Sunset.

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playing this

it felt like it had a good foundation, but there were just too many awkward bits that killed the flow. it really felt like it could've been a really great map had a lot of things been buffed out and cleaned up a bit more.
rest depends on personal opinion, I believe, because it deserves nothing less than a 3.
there were too many chambers for my taste and getting through all of them is really tough. included brilliant ideas and nice spots, though. 4.


there's a time to shut up. this is one of them.

I enjoyed this one.


This does not play well, it just looks ok. That first guard is awful.

Anyway, I wish all the rest of the team the best of luck in getting through!
(I personally like the map...)


I can`t say anything special about this map. I would want to, but there is really no certain thing. It`s just an average map in my opinion.


thanks seneschal :P i'll tell the others.