Why are you so persistant?

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Tags author:invalid dda playable unrated
Created 2010-02-13
Last Modified 2010-02-13
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Description I liked that I did this DDA, even if it's not that good through your eyes. I manage to sneak in closecalls for both N and the rocket.(only for debug mode)
* "Twummp Launch"(sort of)
* 1 Gold Delay
* Launch using bounceblocks
* Launchpads ;\
* Cheated Death

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Agree with romaniac

fake deaths in debug mode cause 'Ghosting' in userlevels, Nreality highscore. Yo become un-affected to all objects except for doors, and you can only be killed by falling.

cheated ;D

btw the laser is inaktive...
Demo Data
then please say that it's for debug mode, not userlevels
Demo Data
because you're new to ddas.