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Author sniperassassin
Tags author:sniperassassin evil flashback nreality preshool unrated
Created 2010-02-14
Last Modified 2010-02-14
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Description NREALITY

i had a flashback to preschool... when i first heard (and took in) the word evil.

my friend made a tower and called it an "evil" tower. i looked down at his abstact creation. in my head, i thought; wtf? evil? what the hell is an evil? and in my mind i saw a tower, very much like my friends'. it was made out of lego, had a horn on the top for some reason, and i decided; "right. that must be an evil." so, i went back to my lego building.

in this map, i made a tower with a guass inside. (the guass replacing the horn that i saw in my head) this is the "evil".

all this may seem all to freaky to you, but im just telling the truth. floorchasers inspired by bluepretzel's titan series!

~ sniperassassin

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story made me laugh

so did the sideways floorguards. the gauss was overkill, maybe a mod on its movement speed would have made it better.. 3/5
try to use more of the map, and make completing the map a journey.


Much faster.

Very fun.
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Pretty fun.
Demo Data
in fact, i was just about to mention that.

wait a second...

are those floorchasers inspired by my N Titans series? cos it sure looks like it :)