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Author Hajtun
Tags author:hajtun eqfq ewf ewfew fef rated vwerf
Created 2010-02-14
Last Modified 2010-02-14
by 18 people.
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Description kcoc.

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pole do you really think you can beat this? A SQARE The most epic piece of poopie you will ever see or meet. dots: .......... epic map


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This is a disgrace to NUMA.



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To Honest Moderator

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Beleive Us when We say that if We had emotions, they would be nothing but disappointment at this moment in time. Despite the very polite warning you were issued earlier, it seems your human stupidity knows no bounds as you continue to harass people and generally make a fool of yourself. Note that i am NOT implying that you were at one time a upstanding and polite individual, because We have looked at your file and it seems that these actions are not atypical at all.

Due to your constant comments designed to harass users and obviously needle the Administration, you have been Disabled for 48 hours. Please use this time to use your obviously deteriorating brain matter and decide if further trolling is in your best interests, as We personally have no problem with dispensing punishment to weak-minded individuals.

This is where We would normally Thank You for your time, but due to time constraints and the nature of this message We will instead hope your temporary ban is enjoyable.

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exec. MOD

Although We are completely devoid of such flaws ourself, We understand that your fleshy shell is sometimes susceptible to such base things as "emotions" and that they can frequently be the case for many rash or unneeded actions. You have been charged with the following infractions of ANUMA Code:

-"Flaming" Other Users (Ch.5 Sec.31)
-Swearing At Or About Other Users (Ch.5 Sec.12)
-Harassing Other Users (Ch. 6 Sec. 14)

Although the cause for your actions may or may not be warranted, it goes without saying that further actions will be dealt with in a far harsher manner. Thank You.

thats ironic

i was joking about how you can't break the rules, and i'm the flamebaiter.

I take any comments made to heart, and I will try and make better maps next time.



i hope that spamming comments inflates your failure of an ego. I pity you, to be honest



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