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Author script
Tags action apt apt5 author:script contesque featured floodlight-breakdown rated
Created 2010-02-15
Last Modified 2013-01-17
by 25 people.
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Description for apt5
theme: stealthy assault

This map was featured on 2010-04-15

Don't you love the point in a map where you realize you didn't look closely enough when you first looked at it?

Yeah, so do I. But those moments don't come often enough. You have to admit it takes real skill to turn a map of "Damn, it's harder than I first thought" into a map of "Damn, it's harder than I first thought. That's awesome."

Guess which kind this one is? — Onesevennine

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Nuf said.


formica: what do you mean, "skipping?"
palemoon: haha, it was boring otherwise :P


this isn't very stealthy for a 'stealthy assault'

in fact you start the level and immediately two enemies aggro you :/

Oh, awesome.

I really look foward to it, man. :D


Irrelevant tiny problem: the one way to the left of the start doesn't stop N from skipping (into mines, gauss turret, etc). Easy enough to get used to, but it's annoying having things act in unexpected ways.
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that one's still in the pack
not subbed though
I remember it originally was made a couple days ago on irc, and I wasn't the target XD

And yeah, there was also that map where you start at the bottom right, with the laser in the top left. Did you end up submitting that? I remember there was a drama about which version was better. :o
maxson (or anybody) literally wouldn't know what had gotten them, much less whether it was a good review or not. Srsly.

Excellent, excellent map.
A solid, deserving feature.


A very high 4/5. Very good map script, solid gauss and gold placement. I liked the other title better though.
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I also did. Congrats on the feature, mate. :)

I remember.

Did you try both "scrivener" and "script?" I don't remember which I was using at the time.
'ctrl + F'-ing through #n-mapping logs for your name...and got nothing. :|

I definately remember playtesting this though, and I definately remember saying it'd be featured.

As I said at the time, bloody nice. ;)

I told you man

let me get my logs up.

Great feature

Slow AND cheated. NGD aswell.
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But very tricky to do. It's possible to make the bounceblock next to where you start push you through the oneway. The gausss however makes it very annoying to do so.
the map itself is a little uninspired.

faved definitely

this is a great execution of that concept. And the tiles are great too.
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Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. You wouldn't know a good review if it walked up to you and pressed a chloroform-soaked handkerchief to your face and then you woke up nailed to a wall in its basement.

neat map.

and i really liked the review :)

not a good run, but it just shows the small cheatableness of the map.
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Stop writing amazing reviews and making me suck up to you, 179. It's getting old.


Great feature, an I would have missed out if it wasnt!

great map.

Oh and you deserve this, your maps are great. 4aved.


How in the world

did this go unrated?
but I moved them, because in the former position, it was pretty much impossible to stand on them without the drones seeing you. It is a challenging map, and you have to time the drones well. I didn't find them unreliable, though, while testing. They come at you when they see you; you just have to be a ninja, eh?
because of how often I would accidently let a drone see me, and how unpredictable it is. One simple way to fix this a little bit is to move the bounceblocks in the middle of the zone the seekers see. I often used the bounceblocks as signs of where not to be and when I moved out of the way (so I thought) I was just jumping right into the view of the drone.
I would've made the most kick ass map :P

Bad theme.

Great map though. faved.