Another Perfect Day

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Author nnds
Tags action author:nnds nreality puzzle rated survival tiledrone
Created 2010-02-16
Last Modified 2010-02-16
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description why i go to school? cause' i have sports

The map will change while you play

This is another "Tiledrone-action-nreality-havefun-crazy-map" ^^ based on Symbiosis []
In some parts it will be a puzzle map, but in other parts it will be a survival or a action map.


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@n0_ma11y: i don't know what you mean. you can get every gold in this lvl.
the map gets super hard XD. Epic work with the tile drones =)
and in my opinion, better then the last, cos its nice and layed-back, so i can concentrate on what im doing, and value the tile-drone's work at the same time.

I don't like how if you went for the gold you died.

very nice demos =)

thank you for playing my maps ^^
I've submitted to nreality I hope your proud []

faster agd

for nreality
Demo Data
but there were really good bits in this why isn't this in the symbolosis series. AGD
Demo Data

well cool

keep working on these
Demo Data