Party Bones (1/2)

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags aapa author:fingersonthefrets map pack tgsyn unrated
Created 2010-02-16
Last Modified 2010-02-16
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Description one of my favourite maps from my NOW RELEASED pack:

Thank God Sometimes You're Naked []

(I think it's one of the best maps i've made, along with some others in the pack)

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disjointed, but it works pretty well for me. Maybe partly because I remember how much I worked on all the parts in this haha,
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haven't played this in a while, just a sec

looked pretty cool

gameplay felt disjointed to me. i felt like a lot of the map was filler.


I love this song.

I have the vinyl!
second place is probably great_sea

excellent pack btw.
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looks sexy, I'll download the pack soonish :3

This resembles a highly edited version of a map I tested. Can't wait to try out the rest of the pack :3