03-4 Nest

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Author intheattic
Tags author:intheattic column0 unrated
Created 2010-02-17
Last Modified 2010-02-17
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Description Anyone know what it takes to get noticed around here? I would like to know.

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Flame and get banned or exploit a glitch in NUMA. Use these as last resorts. ;-)

The secrets

Claim it's your birthday.
Make a really cruddy map but have a good image for it.
Create NReality or image-maps.
Do what Flag said.
Don't title maps "Why doesn't anyone pay attention to me :(:(!!!?!?!?1"
Collab with other people.
Make a mappack.
Make wicked tilesets.
Make N-arts.

what flagmyidol said (unfortunately, mainly the last one; it's how people like PALEMOON, leaff, T3chno, etc. are popular. kinda sucks IMO).

or become a reviewer/moderator.
making good maps. because a lot of 'popular' authors often make crappy maps, and get good acclaim.

I wish I knew

but no... You just have to hang out here long enought to get a following I think.

Good maps with beautiful thumbnails, intelligent posts on the forums, and making doubleplussexy friends on IRC!