Corridors, Revenge of the Corridor: Special Corridor Edition

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Author loosescr3w
Tags author:loosescr3w corridor flow race thwumps unrated
Created 2010-02-17
Last Modified 2010-02-17
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Description Hiyo,
My name is loosescr3w and I used to go by the name of the use screwloose. Also screwloose was a second account to the use
resident-evale. Anyways, I used to be a regular map-maker here, I think I was mostly known for my corridor races and normal flow races of numerous styles. After a while of getting sniped I quit map making, UNTIL NOW. Well, I'm still doing a half-assed job at it, but I'm starting to get back into it again.

Anyways, I wonder who's still left in the good ol' community from 2006. I'm guessing, not much.

Here is a map I just started. It should be bigger and I plan on expanding on it, but right now I'm just stuck as to what to do with it. Most likely I'm just going to start a new map and continue work on this one WAYYY later, so I better as well submit it now.

Have fun, go with the flow, and N-joy.


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but it's still fun imo. my best agd so far (without trying different routes):
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check out these guys races

etdeshon []
da_man []
destiny []
rit0987 []

they're probably my biggest inspirations
could have bin more flowy...
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AGD Demo.

I'm pretty sure there's a way to cheat it. But if you do, you'd never get all the gold as fast!

:P Prove me wrong, or go faster!
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