Fire King

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n birthday ibannart moltres nart pokemon rated
Created 2010-02-17
Last Modified 2010-07-25
by 51 people.
Map Data

Description It's My Birthday!

This map is a few things:
1) My Birthday Map!
2) Map #217 to coincide with the date, 2/17.
3) A sequel N-art.
4) A map 14-15 hours in the making.
5) 9781 objects.

Please do not rate based on your hatred of either Pokemon or N-arts. If applicable.

And also if you "trained" a stronger pokemon that can crush Moltres that's great! I don't care though, because Moltres is one of my favorites.

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pretty decent

not as awesoe as ur Thunder King IMO

Im so

so so so sorry I missed the release of this map I was away on holiday :( I missed your birthday as well!!!! ;( I was going to make you a birthday map im way pissed of now 5aved


very nice

that would have been a hard one to get right. 5/5


stick to the originals i say.
they're taking it too far nnw, what with 5th gen on the way and all.


the wings are my favorite part as well <3

& i think it was RavenMC.

Thanks everyone that rated and commented =D

heh yea

Ice + Electric = ☆☆☆☆☆
The head blended in with the body in the thumbnail. I like full view better. 5d because I know n-arts are really hard.

aww no

coding programs is cheating, but as ravenburger (*cough* ravenmac, or something like that) showed, I mean code editing as using paint and notepad.
That's what I do and I have a few half finished works sitting in my computer.

Haha thanks jawbit

no_mally: whats that?

rhekatou: its just my opinion about it... some code editing like teleporters isn't cheating, but i was thinking about coding programs & stuff =P

thanks el devo too ;D


Happy birthday!
It looks a lot better than when I saw it, without the shading on the wings ;)

Try using this
I do quite like the action pose you put him in
was a /real/ bitch though.

few things

thanks for everything guys =D

I do not code edit my n-arts or use transparency programs... its cheating in my eyes & its unfair to many ='(

I have to go to the edges of the map to make these, or the details would be too minuscule to make it look nice. Plus it would look cut off if I left it the same size but ended the wing or feet a bit short... My art teacher told me years ago if the drawing/whatever goes too far/off the paper, Do not scrunch it up, it looks worse than not going completely to the end.

I like the pokemon birds. Their all awesome. Articuno is my next pkmn most likely though. The original I felt was awful =P

I'm 18 years old rhekatou.

And go Electric Types bluepretzil! It'll be epic to see an elec/ice type combo though ;D

ooooh yeah....

triple word score!

Very nice, but hmm, which is better? Zapdos, or Moltres? I'm not saying untill i see Articunos!!! :D Go ICE TYPES!!! []

the left (or right!) wing looks a bit off, but 'cos its your birthday, 5aved! Cant wait too see Articunos!!! XD

Happy Birthday!

This is my favorite of your N-arts. Unfortunately, his head isn't as defined when in front of the rest of his body, but that's it. It's more impressive in every other way.

Don't forget the legendary birds of GenII!!!! Though I did start in GenI, Ho-Oh is my favorite. I request Ho-Oh, if you're taking requests.
in the thumb...the thumb is hard to see and differentiate between body parts.
So a 4 from me...3 for the map/.5 for birthday/.5 for the fact that it took 14-15 hours.

It's ok

it irritates me how it touches the edges

It's all cool brah

This is pretty good. 5d from me as always.

Happy Birthday!

how old

ya turning?


i think.

I believe this is the only N-art I've rated since your Zapdos.

Happy Birthday!!!

I like it but it's not as good as Zapdos or Pikachu... it's less detailed and the beak is hard to see... the flames on the wings are nice though ;D all in all 4/5 because you have done better



do you code edit or what?

stone monsters?

I think GenIV was the worst. Ruby and Sapphire were really good, and even though Red and Blue were the originals, they kinda sucked compared to GSC and RSE.

very awesome,

and happy birthday! itll be cool to see how articuno looks because of his color.

lol at WBC, epic fail


is going to be SO pissed, when he see's this thing up here.


maybe I'll do the dogs after remaking all the birds... after all the other requests ppl made =P



I think your right.

I think the legendary dongs were the best.

thanks people

I think the generations get a bit worse each time, especially with the trio of legendaries: birds, dogs, stone monsters, little psychic things =P

wbc: =O How in the WORLD could I forget to add "remake" in my description. I'm shocked I forgot that and surprised you remembered too.

anyways, that reminds me to add this to my profile ;D
^_^ happy birthday


A second Moltres?

A good remake I have to say.
I can't wait for the two new games to come out.
@Maxson Heatran is from Dimond and Pearl.
Also this question has been weighing on my mind a bit,
when are you going to make a Lugia?

What's Heatran?

I honestly don't like any Pokemon games past the first two or three gens.

Happy Birthday :)