Versipellis Level 5:

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action author:wordblamcreator chaingun lasers rated ver wbc
Created 2010-02-18
Last Modified 2010-05-27
by 7 people.
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Description Thiess was panting as I dragged him out of the human settlement. His weak human body was truely pitiful.

I loamed over him, his scrawny build. "So what is this event which you have seen sufficient to call me out of my stangnation?"

Thiess raised a hand, he was in the middle of his breather and not yet ready to tell me anything. I frowned, a rather difficult maneuver for my jaw pull off but I managed to.

I saw a shadow come creeping up from behind me, instantly my left arm flew from my side and latched onto the head of one of the human guards. He squirmed and yell, but a swift slap to the back of his head silenced him.

Thiess gazed in terror, obviously wondering himself as to his motives for summoning me. His voice finally came to him, "Vampires."

I looked down and grinned, 'Finally an intresting opponent.' "Where is he my friend?" I asked, the war-drum of my chest beating faster with the prospect of real battle.

"No," Thiess said, "Not he, THEY."

I Starred at him. Vampires never worked as groups, unless... "So... A couple." The event of 'married' vampires was quite rare, and to the Versipelli who were still sane, a delightful experience.

"NO!" Thies yelled, "I SAW MORE THAN A HUNDRED!"

I starred at him in shock, this time it was my jaw which slackened, and my voice which shut itself out. A hundred... If that was true when what manner of hell would they be conjuring? I knew what my duty as a Versipellis was. I would have to vanquish every last one of those ambasadors of hell in the name of The Trinity.

Finally I managed to croak out, "Where?"

Thiess pointed across the way to a mountain. There were the remains of a rockslide just in front.

"Very well," I said, "If my place is the sight of God falters... Then make every creature flee this land." I put a hand on his shoulder, "And then, go to Mt Sinai. Get his Lordship's favor and then do what you can to finish my duty."

I really took a different take on this level, as I will for the next. But tell me what ya think, and don't forget to: Rate, comment and post demos. Thanks :)

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AGD death

Great map really fun kinda reminds me of that meteor strike one just couldn't quite get the squeeze at the end I don't think that was necessary it didn't fit in with the theme of the rest of the map and was really hard with the laser right there.
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two fiddy


This is my 250th map!


I like this, but I don't. 3/5 Too hard.

good job with the plot, I prefer no. 4, but this is my seconf favorite :D
but it seems everyone is making amazing maps atm.
plot rather... question answering.


vampires: they hinder it :P

I have to.

This series will tie into the CV series and without, CV5 will make no sense.

still, keep it up!

an thanks fo' playin my series :)
is writing the plot out, I have it all planned out in my head for CV5 but I have difficulty putting it into words.
maps during the first week of planning, and that was before I announced the series. I've just been editing a lot.

Very enjoyable

you seem to be putting alot of effort into this series... great job
seriously, I cant think of any better score, 4.99/5

PS, <3 chaingun ☆