An Abundance of Exits

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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 challenging fun hard puzzly rated tricksy
Created 2010-02-18
Last Modified 2010-02-18
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Although many of them are blocked away by the cold rock.
A very challenging... challenge that surely will... challenge you. :D <3
Enjoy ^^

Can make you burst in a scream of pure anger and frustration.
Nah, it's just hard.
2: I think you get it now.


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Here's my run.
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That's good.

I was afraid you'd go and change it ;p
I love maps with hard but better/quicker paths, intentional or not!


technically, that is the only option of speedrun, other than the other - harder - way. So the other is a completion. So it isn't actually a cheat. I made the path big enough for the ninja, so it was "cheatable". :)

There! I did it!

Lovely map. Now I have to complete it the intended way >____<
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I am convinced

That this cheat is possible.
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Demo Data
damn it, I tried to get rid of all the safe spots :/
but I've got there twice and messed it up both times I think its just the pressure. Great map but very frustrating I will post my new one tomorrow.
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I can get the key, get to the top, then the first switch, then nothing :)

i can't get there*

its ok ;p


I can't seem to get up there
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I can get further

but not now.

Aww shit.

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thats weird.
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How to complete it.

The first to complete it gets a DED. :)
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