Cragg's Cavern part I

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Author wilde
Tags author:wilde cavern craggs medium unrated
Created 2010-02-18
Last Modified 2010-02-18
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Map Data

Description I put more effort into this one than I did with other maps, although it's still not that difficult. More Cragg's Cavern to come if it is popular enough!

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I suck ;( But I got past the rocket part ;D
Demo Data

demo data

ok so it's not brilliant but it's to prove you can finish it :-)
Demo Data

wait, I forgot

I deliberatley (I can't spell that) added in a little thing right near the beginning that lets you get past the rocket and the drone in a flash if you time it right.


I thought the rocket was OK but the rest of the stage was difficult. I guess it depends on what you're good at


yes its difficult xD That rocket really pisses me off.