There, Are The Old Towers.

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Author jslimb
Tags adventure author:jslimb image-map imagemap nreality rated
Created 2010-02-19
Last Modified 2010-02-19
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description My new image nreality map! There are the Ancient old towers. Those towers with major tiledrone mod.

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I know you can't...

...path a missile launcher, ModMaster told me that.

Cool Map!

I like how to keys made the tunnels look brighter! 5/5! :D
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160.175 AGD

Demo Data

I agree with sky.

The image is quite poor and looks messy, the map itself has some nice moments (the slow thwump is cool), but lots of unrefined and awkward transitions.

And yes...

I admit it, on my first run, I got hit by the thwump... :(
the map was done with paint :/

i thought the map was mediocre at best, and the image just made it that much harder to play, 2
very nice map...
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Damn this is fun playin! i totally agree with the others... very nice cave-exploring-feeling ;D
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good map.


Thats real cool.

REAL cool. The image compliments the map very well.

hot damn

definitely one of my favorites from you. I usually dislike Nreality maps because they are often crappy maps with flashy features. This, however, is actually fun and would be okay without the mods, and the mods make it interesting and give it a realy cave-exploring atmosphere. Plus the thwump was somehow comical. The image could have been better, and I didn't like the gold pattern, but the gameplay was definitely above average and the mods made it even better. 4/5.

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