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Author im_bad_at_N
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Created 2010-02-19
Last Modified 2010-12-18
by 48 people.
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Description Now in spectacular full color! Instead of reposting this [] I first figured out how to code edit mines into trap door triggers, then added color to it all. The skin and tongue coloring I got from some of espada's narts. I am glad I took the time to make this colorful.

Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic strip in existence. Far better than any other. It is incomparable to the other comic strips, like trying to compare a Ferrari to a mini-van.

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This map was featured on 2019-02-12

It's been a long time since I've seen someone who has the dedication and patience for creating N art. I stumbled across a forum page once which listed different combinations of objects and how far apart they need to be spaced to create different colors and shades once the image is compressed on NUMA. I particularly like this N art because I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes. I feel im_bad_at_N took their time getting the coloring and pose correct to do this character justice. There are many other pieces of N art. I encourage you to check them out. — origami_alligator

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Has always had some dope arts. Loved that he got this featured!!

2010 !!






apparently I rated this a long time ago, fantastic colors.
Rated it 5 and brought it up a point!

cuz ur narts

are fucking amazingly perfect but dont get enough attention

sooooo yeah

this is my third nomination fro teh dronies (the other two are you too)
I miss all this... but I am better off without it...
more time for real art...
I too love Calvin and Hobbes, 5


as always


Sketches need color to really be interesting, IMO, as evidenced by the simple awesomeness of this piece.

I missed this

as well :( anyway can I ask a massive favour?

Well I_bad_at_N

Which map would you have me RCD?


I liked the Calvin and Hobbes comics so much! A great drawing! 5aved

5aved, again. I haven't fallen so head-over-heels with something in a long time.

Freaken sweet

totally love it. I see no flaws, and those exit switches must have taken a while. 5aved.


Calvin and Hobbes=HEART.


amlt has a point, but it still takes a lot of work and effort, even if you did trace it. But the color is right on, except maybe the tongue. However, a comic book character isn't as impressive as something like Fire King. With an unbiased opinion (ignoring how you made it, and it's about Calvin and Hobbes), I'll give it a low 4/5

It's true, Calvin and Hobbes is unlike any other comic, at least what is still being written today. It's the only comic I would choose to read even if I wasn't just bored.

thanks everyone =)

I read the Sunday comics often, but only Garfield and Peanuts capture any attention of mine, he rest are bland. When I compare Calvin & Hobbes to those two though.. well, there's no comparison. C&H is just much more hilarious.

How one person

can be so amazing... 5/5 incredible. Dude, you are so inspiring!


and props for Calvin and Hobbes I love that strip though I don't know why you think it's so much better than all others how many do you actually read.

I like the colors


are the master of colors. Nuff said.


amazing!! how are you doing this??

Damn it iban

you would post this right after I post my map :P You stealin all my publicity lol


your right, transparency programs are lame. That is why I do not use them. overall though, it wasn't that hard of a transformation from the first version to this, but the first version took a while plus it was massively sniped.

& i missed a mine ='( didn't notice that.

thanks, I like your avatar my_ninja_skillz_r_crazy ;D



love it


Thumb looks awesome

except for that one white spot in the tongue. Shouldn't there be another mine?
To make this, all you really had to do was make the N program transparent and trace around the original image; and it isn't hard to change the code a bit to turn the mines of the original version into door switches.

The colouring is good and accurate though, so it's above average.




5aved. :D

sooooooooooooooooooooo much nicer!!! damn you've hit those colors good!