Manual Plantations

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Author Diamondeye
Tags action author:diamondeye collab crescor-diamondeye one-ways rated
Created 2010-02-19
Last Modified 2010-02-19
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description A collab with crescor []. It started out odd and turned out awesome.

Please rate, comment and enjoy.

Thanks to Leaff [] for the name idea :)

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sorry about that here it is please add or take basically edit so its basically a collab which I was hpoing for ;)


hows the 200th coming?


you really should cause your a great author everyone will be expecting something special I would be happy to collab with you for your 200th?


for your comments I no I ask a lot of favours from you I owe you one badly my next n-art which I am currently working on is a ded to you when its half way done I will show you ;)


diamond if its not to much to ask could you please check out this map


Im back from holiday we should collab soon. FUCK THATS A GOOD MAP 5AVED!!!!

Its hard...

i can't beat it ;( lol...
but 5/5

Not bad. Interesting tileset, but the one-ways where you had to hit a slanted tile at the top to get through were too hard.
Demo Data

nah man

You inspired me:)
Let's call it 50/50


Haha, I think I know who did the most of the work. It wasn't me. :P

Aight man

This is faved, even if I didn't play a part in it.