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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading easy fun rated small-size
Created 2010-02-20
Last Modified 2010-02-20
by 12 people.
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Description I just got back from my skiing holiday in france. I had a great time but unfortunately I got knocked down by some guy sledging and broke my nose. Ah well what can you do. RCE!!! ded to AMLT who makes amazing maps!!!

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all your new maps are rated :D

here are two maps you can playtest
Canyon []
Waves []
the names are just shit, may you could think of better one

thanks :)


agree with Skate. 4/5


Minimalistic, but still challenging! 5/5! :D
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yeah sure


286 on nreality
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Fastest Speedrun

I owned the rocket :D
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first try AGD :)

.. :D
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you went to france?

I was born there. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

btw, very nice map!!!! so simple and so fun!

faster agd...
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