Vaxactún, the Ancient Ruins

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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 fun imagemap medium nreality rated ruins
Created 2010-02-20
Last Modified 2010-02-20
by 16 people.
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Traverse Vaxactún, the ancient and abandonedruins, in search of golden fruits and escape with your life still intact, without a dart in your neck. But beware, the ruins are dangerous, the still-present inhabitants are angry, and the liana fruits are not always as healthy...

Requires nReality for maximum pleasure.

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Not bad

once again, cool image!

mm I remember this

as if it was yesterday...

Demo Data

Demo Data


one of your old nreality maps.

Pretty fun.

I think the gold on the floor looks too messy. The locked doors are kinda ugly as well. The image is cool. (what's with the red foreground? >_____>) Gameplay was good, with a nice amount of flow.
Demo Data


already a look at it want's me put a 5/5

Requires my PENIS for maximum pleasure ;_;






That 3D effect is sick. freaken sweet. I don't even know how to do that :o


This is a glorious example of how imagemaps should be.
10,000th fav was something i wanted. =[

I'm in a good mood.

Allez, 4.


Another image map... the map was a bit annoying I must say. 3.


I'm honored :o Furry's 10000th favourite o.O

scratch that

teach me your photoshop mask skills ;D
feel cramped, because of the ruin-thingy :)

very very

very good first nreality map have a 5
How did you make the picture?!?! D:
Now for what I experienced in N reality. I felt VERY cramped. Also, some of the mines were hard to see. A solid 4* ;D

Oh, yeah...

my first nReality image map ^^ Enjoy.
I edited it, because I forgot to resize the image.