Does Your Cat Have a Moustache?

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Author Mechtradevil
Tags a action author:mechtradevil lighthouse like quick rated
Created 2010-02-21
Last Modified 2010-02-21
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Does he remind you of me?

really quick late-night/early-morning map. Lazy, man.
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Very weird. 3.5 down.
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been a while

how's it going?

Oh my goodness.

Looks old-school. I can dig it. Faved for later. :)

death - 2

Faved for the memories.
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how did i die?
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sub 2k AGD

5aved. Great map.
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Holy crap.

When did you come back! I loved your tilesets! Make moar! And 5/5.

The hell?

Since when were you back? Man, I missed you and your awesome poems! ;(

So is this a welcome back, or just a drop-in?

Why thank ya!

here's a demo, bit long-winded
Demo Data

very nice

map good gameplay good objects I loved the tiles. Its fun ive been at NUMA for almost a year now and I havent really heard of you. SHAMEFUL . 5aved