Trisomy H2O

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Author mistaken72
Tags action author:mistaken72 collab featured fun nevershine playable rated
Created 2010-02-21
Last Modified 2010-02-21
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description turn off your taps

Collab with nevershine

This map was featured on 2011-01-22

I can't settle on a theme for this map. Normally you can identify the key parts, whether the map revolves around drone pathing or rocket placement. Here, there is... well, pretty much everything. Each section of the map has its merits, but together they form an adventure.

Mistaken72 and Nevershine have teamed up to show you the power that water really has. The map has flow, it washes over you, eroding the little spirit you have remaining, yet you will never drown.

Beware the little fish as you take your last breath of air. You're going down. Syndrome. — ChrisE

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How stupid was I!?

Ive changed my mind; this is a five.

This is perfect

Was it by mintnut? Otherwise i would guess pheidi...


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Fastest AGD

Sloppy though... but the mine/jumppad hit is stylish ^^
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I like it.

AGD... I kind of got lost for a while v.v
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Demo Data


Interesting map..


I love how I'm the standard for awkward maps now.

Very nice review, Chris.


I wasn't taking it to heart atob. Like water off a mallard's back.

Improved AGD

and much cleaner route.
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I don't think it looks like anything specific.

: (

I'm fairly sure that between them 7_2 and atob have insulted me in some way...



good featured


Dull map,

Agree with 7_2

death cheat but i got confused.
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Demo Data

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Nice feature.

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The zap drones got really annoying, especially in the top-right section. Getting the three switches felt like an unneccessary chore. I like the transition from the bottom to the top. 3/5.

nice map



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Sweet map.

Nice structure, object placement, gameplay. Good difficulty, also, and nice for highscoring and speedrunning. 4/5

Speedrun - credit to Life for this nifty innovation.
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Looks goooood.

Veery slow AGD

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To prevent you from jumping up to the drone area straightaway.

did you add that bit of gold at the bottom?


it turned out nice.


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this demo

could be captioned so well
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