nReality Matters

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Author miststalker06
Tags agd author:miststalker06 fun hard imagemap nreality rated
Created 2010-02-21
Last Modified 2010-02-21
by 16 people.
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Just go in and get the gold, they said, it's simple! Ha! Now I'm stuck in this metallic hellhole and there's no way to get out. Or is there... Hmm, might as well just grab the gold as I head out.

DED to unreality for making such an awesome expanded edition of N! <3 <3

Requires nReality for maximum pleasure.
Your mom requires nReality for ma... No! No mom jokes! - Sorry :(

nReality-fied version of my old Insignificant Matters []

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at your mom joke :D
also this map looks great, sad im on my phone and can't actually play it


really cool! looks and plays great! 5aved


told you i'd play it later ;)

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It's alright,

N-reality makes it hard to play, although it looks really cool. The game play is a little annoying.
added to the N wiki page for NReality. Faved for later.

Wtf's with the red?

It's annoying :/
Everything else is good, and I like the image.
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your getting good at these fast man :D

sweet map!!!!

your good at nreality. And yes I will give you a ded it will be after my 200th though ;) your on my fav authors list so you will also get a ded on my 200th. 5aved. Thanks for playing my map much appreciated
The image makes this map awkward to play unless you know exactly where all the objects are.

I don't know why

but I preferred your old maps better :0




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especially cos i use a blue ninja ;__;


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this is a bit too hectic...
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