Lotto60 [Half Decade Edition]

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Author kisler
Tags author:kisler gee-gee-gee-gee-baby-baby-baby mapdraf2 mapdraft2 mapdraft2y2 unrated yes-sir-quite-contrary-to-your-previous-statement
Created 2010-02-21
Last Modified 2010-02-21
Map Data

Description MAPYDRAF2 []

Fumihiko Maki's Scaffold
5 'One' Tiles
5 'E' Tiles
5 'Five' Tiles
5 'Seven' Tiles
5 'Three' Tiles

Threesome (With Protection)
3 Blue Drones (Your Choice)
16 Gold
1 Locked Door

Prayer Paper:
10 'Six' Tiles
10 'Two' Tiles
10 Gold

The Tooth Fairy by ChrisE
Any Items you have may be deleted and replaced with one peice of gold each.

I got even worse packs this round :(

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All-gold death demo. 3/5
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Speed demo
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i think my packs were worse XP
really cool :)