Ghostly Accidental Train

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Author miststalker06
Tags adventure agd author:miststalker06 imagemap medium nreality rated
Created 2010-02-23
Last Modified 2010-02-23
by 18 people.
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The train crashed, now the dead passengers haunt the place. You are the only survivor, get all the valuables, then get out. There's one passenger, who is especially vicious - watch out, he now patrols the crash site.

Requires nReality for maximum pleasure.
PS: The launchpad at the bottom might be a bit tricky. ;)

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epic failier
Demo Data


this is not possible...
for me...


this looks creat!




I like the image

absolutely gorgeous

and it played better than I thought it would, too


Most definately does not :o xD

Oh, and I love

how youve added graffiti. Does that say D-CUPS or something?
The fact that you can go through the train parts feels like youre going through a secret passageway through the solid tiles... its brilliant.

I also loved the gameplay (but thats probably just me lol) and once again, this is a 4.5^/5. Keep on makin these maps, there friggen awesome!!! :D
Atob is right about the level but it was still fairly enjoyable to me.

very awesome image.

@astheoceansblue: it can look a bit messy - after a traincrash..

i love

how you can see the ninja when your in the train parts thats awesome
But the level itself is a bit of a mess, imo. It's just not intuitive, feels convoluted instead of open.


There are several routes :)
Demo Data

Maximum pleasure

I got the pleasure alright...