The Pirate King

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Author Aldaric
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Created 2010-02-23
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Description I hope Techno lets me into the contest. Anyways here is the story.

There it was. Just like the man said it would be, but how the hell was he going to get down there. The jump would surely kill him. "Hey you!" shouted two guards. "Shit, they found me." He started running, the rain beat down from above. As he ran he thought about the series of mistakes that had lead to his position right now. His name was Drake. His brown hair was long and wavy. He had a stern and serious face for his young age of sixteen years. He was thin and muscular, the outcome of living on the streets. He had lived their for as long as he could remember. He had joined a group of kids. They were the only family he had, and the only reason why he was alive today. They begged for food, they stole if necessary. Drake new the town better than anyone, having to escape and hide after a few of his little "adventures." His old life in the quite town on the coast of England, Ballena Isle, seemed worlds away right now. Two days ago the king had arrived to the town. Everybody was in a hurry to get things in top shape for his presence. The day after is when the man had come to the hideout where Drake lived with his friends. He wore a green hooded robe, and a white mask with a crooked smile, that had disconcerted him at first. He had told them that he needed something stolen. A blue crystal in the king's possession. He offered 50 pounds for completion of the job. 50 pounds! They would be living pretty with that money. Drake had not wanted to do it, he had a bad feeling, but his mates agreed so he was forced into this whole mess. The plan was simple: run in, run out with the crystal. Drake was to be on the look out for guards. The man said he would be waiting in a small boat down by the cliffs on the far side of town. So that night Drake waited out by the door to the room with the crystal as his friends ran in. What had happened it had been at least 5 minutes... He saw two guards coming and ran inside to warn his friends. He saw the crystal there, but all his friends were gone. Nobody in sight. What the hell had happened. He had heard the guards getting closer. He decided to make a run for it. He scooped up the crystal and broke through the door. The guards were surprised but quickly composed themselves and started chase. He was fast though and quickly out distanced the guards. He had gone to the cliff, and well now... the guards had found him again. "How was he going to get down there?" he thought as he ran. Then it came to him as he saw the water pour through the grates in the road. "The sewers!" First he had to get the sewer gait open. He ran toward the old building where the switch was. As he passed by the window he saw a guard. "Shit," he thought. The guard saw him from inside the building. Drake scrambled through the window as the guard ran outside confused by the lack of a person. Drake quickly hit the switch. He was sprinting now, his goal was almost complete. All of this craziness could stop. He opened up a grate in the street and plunged into the cold sewers.

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I finally beat the first part :D
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You're in.

Kinda busy now, but I'll update the thread later.

Ohhhhhh I see

that is cool what you did, but much harder and not necessary.

Beginning was too hard.
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Damn guass!
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to plot-driven maps, use paragraphs to sort things. It makes it look way better.

That doorswitch.

Is hard to get ;(


I was trying to get the damn doorswitch >;9

I am not

reading that. That's like reading a fkn book!

2nd Agd

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He made his way through carefully and slowly. Rats were scurrying on the floor. The water level was getting deeper and deeper. He would have to swim. As he dived in he immediately regretted it. The water was frigid, worst yet he saw hungry-eyed fish swimming towards him. The fish came and tore at his clothes. Drake thrashed to get them off and struggled for the surface. As his head broke into the open he gasped for air and found himself being pushed by the waves toward the cliff. He closed his eyes prepared to be crushed against the rocks, but luck was on his side. A big wave carried him above the sharp, jagged rocks onto a more gradual sloped surface. Alive but winded he made his way to his feet and looked about him. There was a light coming from a small cave ahead. He headed toward it. As he entered he was greeted by the warmth of a small fire, and there sitting by it was the man. "I I brought the crystal," Drake stammered. The man got up took the crystal from him and said, "Thank you." Then with a smooth stoke hit Drake on the head with the crystal knocking him out cold. Drake woke up to the sharp pain of salt water mixing with the cut on his head. Suddenly, everything came back to him, the man, the cave... The cave! Why was there water here... He didn't remember water in the cave. The sea level is rising he though. He wouldn't make it if he had to swim. Drake saw two oars leaning on the side of the cave. He also remembered the little boat floating outside. He grabbed the oars and made his way towards the boat. Luckily it was still there. He got in and started rowing out towards sea. Where had the man gone? What would happen to him? These questions and more were running through Drakes mind.